Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wood Hunters

This past Saturday my deer hunting comrades and I went to our happy hunting grounds to do some maintenance. My granny Norma owns the property where we hunt and she had asked us some time back to trim some brush in the fence rows. While this seems easy enough, it took us about a year to get the day scheduled. We arrived with three chainsaws, one tractor with mower attached, a four wheeler with a wagon, and a twelve pack of beer. I'm glad to report no major injuries were sustained. We returned home with mere scratches and thorns. ( Well, except for my brother-in-law, who almost died when he attempted to walk under a tree I had just finished cutting that was on it's way to the ground. I must say I've never seen a 33 year old man with a chainsaw in his hand do a "juke" move like that. It was most impressive. )
Here I am with Shane (left) and Tony P.

And here's "Honey" can't see his muddy butt.

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