Sunday, November 30, 2008

30 is checking out

Crap. I've had a good run of pestering my inner circle of friends and family about their advanced years. And while I'm still younger than they, it doesn't seem to have the same effect now that my own years are at their current location. Maybe it'll pick up again as 40 roles around.

The tree is up and the stockings are hung. 50 little santa's have taken up residence around my home and now....snow is on the ground. It looks like a pretty good start to the Christmas season.

We had the pleasure of lighting the first advent candle at church this morning, which was great. Macy will be performing in the Christmas program as a member of the choir. This means we have about five symphony length songs to teach her in the next two weeks. Lucky for us she likes to sing.

Friday, November 28, 2008

PETA hates my family

Two turkeys down and one to go. Dinner at moms was amazing as always. If she had started a diner 30 years ago, I'd be living off an advance inheritance in the Virgin Islands right now. She can cook. After gorging ourselves mom elected to watch the kids while Mary, Dave, Crystal, and myself went to see the new 007 flick. I left the movie wishing I was a blood thirsty womanizer, so James Bond lives on.

This morning we did a 4a.m. wake up call to go do our part to support over spending in America. While we did score some awesome deals, it's probably a good thing I don't have a conceal and carry trigger finger would have been very itchy.
We're off this afternoon to Blue Springs for the James-Anderson family dinner at Mary's. The rest of the weekend will be devoted to decorating for Christmas. yippee

Thursday, November 27, 2008

And we're off

In an effort to share info with family and friends, here we are. Since Cris likes to have pics and share stories with everyone, but doesn't exactly like to put it all will be delighted to know that I'm taking the reigns. (well, you may not be delighted, but you'll have to deal with it)

Today is national turkey day, so we're off to Chillicothe to celebrate at my moms house. Tomorrow we jump back in the car to have dads family dinner at Mary's house. We actually went to Crystals family dinner last Sunday to make room for it all. The joys of having divorced parents.....

Yesterday we went to the OB-GYN for Cris' twelve week check-up. Everything was good and we got to hear a heartbeat. Macy thinks it sounded like a little sister heart, but I'm not painting the walls pink yet. For those who don't yet know, the baby is due June 18th.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all...and we hope everyone survives Black Friday.