Friday, November 26, 2010


Santa baby...
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Wow...I've just about missed the whole month of November on here. I'm happy to say I didn't miss it in real time though. We've had two birthdays (Macy and Crystal), deer season opened, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas tree went up. Whew! And now.....some pictures.

A girl and her cake. She likes the Macy's store so Crystal had her cake made to look like a shopping bag. She loved it.

She had a family party and then a girlie party (I was gone hunting for the latter!)

Your fearless author tuning up the deer "condo"

The 2010 opening weekend meat pole. Jerky anyone?

Ace wasn't quite sure what to make of the tree. He has since become an expert at removing ornaments.

My angel putting on the angel.