Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogging at the beach

Right now I'm sitting on the bed in my hotel looking down at Waikiki Beach asking myself....why am I here typing when I should be down there. Well, after five days I need a break from my vacation. We are having a blast. It's all we thought it would be and then some. I'll probably have several post coming up because my camera has been set on "machine gun" mode since I got off the plain.....this whole island is a beautiful backdrop.

For now...
Here's my beautiful bride of 10 years taking in the beach and views at East Oahu.

That's me and a big pancake. This is why you don't get up and go to breakfast at 3a.m. your first morning off the plane. We had a 5 hour time change, so our body clocks were a little off for a few days. This pile of goodness is served at Mac 24/7. And no, I didn't even begin to get it all down.
But, according to their wall of fame, a few brave souls have.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Manoa Falls

Just a quick pic. Still here enjoying the sun! Took an hour hike this morning to this waterfall, which was beautiful. More to come.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

T-Minus 7

Just a week away from the plane leaving the tarmac......vrooom zoom to the beach I go! Sitting in the middle of this thunderstorm kinda makes me wish I'd booked this thing a week earlier. On the up side, my grass is really green.

Macy and Crystal spent the day at the Zoo on the kindergarten field trip. Apparently everyone had a blast, and the rain even held off until after they left. It's hard to believe how much my girl has learned in a years time. It appears she's taking after her mother academically...which is a good thing.

My little buddy is still the laziest baby I know. He'll be celebrating his first birthday in less than a month and still no walking a talking. He's all man!

I don't know if I'll get another blog in until after Hawaii but I'm taking two cameras and enough memory to chronicle each grain of sand at Waikiki Beach! So when I return I promise a colorful post. And soon after that we'll have a birthday, a biker rally or two, my first high school reunion in 14 years, and Dads Camp '10. Stay tuned....