Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun with the Fam (winter edition)

Holy cold and snow! Here in my neck of the woods we're in the thick of winter. Which means I'm wishing I had a smaller driveway. (actually I wish I had a snow blower....but I'm afraid the shovel would suffer depression) I'm a soft spoken fan of cold and snow, and of course the kids love it too.
I'm still punching the clock six days a week, so my sister brought her family by last weekend for some R&R and my world famous hamburgers. Fun times!

The two Dave's. I call him Nubbins.

The secrets in the pan!

The girls enjoying some home cooked goodness.

My accountant. (she also doubles as my wife)

I'll say one thing for working long hours...it sure makes you enjoy your off time a bit more. Things are going good on all fronts here. We're enjoying some winter and looking forward to some spring. There are some fun plans on the horizon....including Vegas and a Jimmy Buffet concert....so stay tuned!
(I promise to clean the camera lens before taking anymore pictures)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Change of Venue

While I still plan to post here about the family going-ons.....you can also find me HERE. (don't ask me why....)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Past

Christmas Eve brunch with mom
Christmas Eve dinner with dad
Happy New Year to all! The decorations got removed today...back to the basement until Thanksgiving passes next year. We had a great Christmas holiday with plenty of family and food. New Years was pretty uneventful....we went to bed at 11:50pm! That's too funny.
I don't have any predictions or resolutions. Just gonna take '11 one day at a time. My upcoming events include: One more family Christmas this coming Sunday. Habitat for Humanity the following Saturday. A check up with my audiologist. A trip to Sin City in March....and the annual fishing trip in April! Let the fun begin!!