Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snoozing baby boy

The sonogram Thursday went well. Except that junior decided to take a nap and limit the pics somewhat. We did get a pretty good facial profile, below, that shows his right hand also. The doc said everything looks good. He's about six days bigger than he should be, but nothing to worry about there.

Crystal is feeling much better now than she did before X-Mas. The baby is starting to kick, but not enough for me to feel it yet. In the next month we will start on the pray the girls don't drive me crazy!

Monday, January 26, 2009

get'n there

I think we've finally reached the half way mark on our wait for the newest tax deduction. We have a sonogram scheduled for this Thursday afternoon, so hopefully we'll have some good pictures posted soon after that. I'm doing my best to keep Crystal from starting the nursery decorations yet, as our current child is still pretty attached to the space. Actually, she's just worried about where her TV is going to end up....such are the troubles of a modern 5 year old.

Macy is due for a big year ahead. She will be a big sister in June, and gets to start school in August. In preparation for that, I'm doing my part to get her started reading quality material.

She's been pretty busy the last two days with visits from some grandparents. Nana and Papa came by yesterday to listen to her sing in the Cherub Choir at church and then stayed for lunch.

Tonight, Grandpa James came over for a short visit. She offered him the last brownie but he wisely declined.

We'll be back at the end of the week with a baby update!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh Nine

With the James/Anderson Christmas festivities taking place yesterday, our holiday season is officially over! I always look forward to Thanksgiving thru New Year. And I always look forward to when it's done. The weather did cheat us out of a Christmas in Topeka, but what can you do?

Crystal had her last check-up about a week ago and everything looks good. To my sisters dismay we're doing the nursery in camo. Yes I said camouflage. Okay, it sounds a bit weird, but I think we'll pull it off just fine. Besides, the kid will never remember anyway. We could decorate it in Star Trek and junior would be none the wiser.

I'm back to work on Tuesday...finally. Not that I haven't enjoyed my early semi-retirement, but I'm about to our grow all my clothes! I'll be working inside at a hotel in Crown Center so it should be steady regardless of weather.

Well, Happy New Year everybody. If you haven't voted on a baby name yet, scroll down and do so.