Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogging at the beach

Right now I'm sitting on the bed in my hotel looking down at Waikiki Beach asking myself....why am I here typing when I should be down there. Well, after five days I need a break from my vacation. We are having a blast. It's all we thought it would be and then some. I'll probably have several post coming up because my camera has been set on "machine gun" mode since I got off the plain.....this whole island is a beautiful backdrop.

For now...
Here's my beautiful bride of 10 years taking in the beach and views at East Oahu.

That's me and a big pancake. This is why you don't get up and go to breakfast at 3a.m. your first morning off the plane. We had a 5 hour time change, so our body clocks were a little off for a few days. This pile of goodness is served at Mac 24/7. And no, I didn't even begin to get it all down.
But, according to their wall of fame, a few brave souls have.

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Phoenix said...

Holy crap that pancake is H-U-G-E. I'm 5'4 and about 100 lbs...I think I would have cried defeat after about four and a half bites.

Your wife looks so happy! As do you, bub :) Glad to hear your vacation is going so well!