Friday, November 26, 2010


Santa baby...
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Phoenix said...

Nice! Here in sunny SoCal we can't get our trees until mid-December or they dry out (because of the warm weather) and burn down houses.

It's truly a thrill to live in the desert, let me tell you. ;)

Dave said...

Disclaimer: The tree is from Hobby Lobby. (fake) I grew up on an acre of terra firma with 200+ ceder trees....I've had my fill of real Christmas trees! Plus the wife was kind and bought it pre-lit. Just plug in and enjoy!!

Phoenix said...

LOL I won't judge. We grew up with a fake tree too. But that was more because of the six or so cats we always had and we were tired of having our cats spilling dirty, sappy tree water all over our carpet as they launched themselves into our trees time and time again, like furry little wrestlers.

This year, I have: one intimidated cat, one overly-sentimental boyfriend, and a real tree.