Friday, February 6, 2009

Drill Finger / Hammer Foot

While doing some demo today I put a drill bit into my finger and then smacked my foot with a hammer. Hence the title. I don't recommend doing either, and definitely not in close succession. I managed not to scream or cry, so my manhood is spared. This all reminds me of the time I stuck my head, hardhat and all, through a finished sheet rock wall......that was embarrassing!

All is well with us this week. Macy is enjoying some time outside with the 70 degree weather. She wanted to go by the pool tonight but I told her it would be a few more days before we could swim.

I got to feel the baby kick last night for the first time, which is great. The next baby doc app. is Feb. 27th. Crystal has been feeling pretty good, but apparently our little trooper is pretty active. I hope he's fat and bald. :)

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VJames said...

Macy is so active when she is around, and seeing her here in this picture of you, shows just how beautiful she truly is and how she is becoming such a lovely little girl. She is growing into her own little person. I know you are so very proud.
And about that drill in your finger??? Wow!