Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birds and Bees

I'm fortunate in that my daughter is still young enough for me to enjoy Valentine's Day. I'm already dreading the coming years when she'll be more interested in boys than card boxes. But until then I'm a card box making fool. Tonight we put together the "love birds" bird house shown below. I got a bit crazy and hand cut all the shingles which I'm sure I will never do again. An hour and a half roofing a card board box will drive you mad! At any rate, she's happy, so I'm happy. And the world keeps turning.

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VJames said...

The memories you made for you and her are priceless. How many fathers would take the time you did to create such a fascinating Valentine box? You are so loving to that little girl and she will always know she has her daddy's love by the way you show her. I am so proud of the father you have become.