Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rock The Vote

Picking names is fun, but tough. To get some feedback on names we like so far, we thought we'd let people vote. Sounds fun. So...pick you favorite AND least favorite and let us know in the comment section. And if you have a name you like that you don't see, feel free to add that too. We'll update later on which name is "winning".

1. Ace
2. Memphis
3. Madoc
4. Hayden
5. Owen
6. Maysen
7. Maxim
8. Lucas
9. Ian
10. Aidan
11. Christian
12. Bob (just kidding...we're not naming a kid Bob)

1 comment:

VJames said...

Is it "Christian or chirstian" first of all? If it was supposed to be "Christian" I like that really well.

Maxim would probably end up being called Max which we don't hear at all anymore; And Aidan (what does that mean?)....But ACE??? Your father was called that all his life and every time I would look at my grandson, I would think of your father! loll. Not that it would be bad, son, but your little boy needs his own name, not a nickname of your father's...ya think perhaps? He is your baby boy would be a legacy. So I vote: 1. Christian 2. Maxim and 3. Aidan Hugs, Grammy James