Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Word Dog

And so another eventful week comes to a close. My dear union has supplied me with exactly $0 this past week due to adverse weather conditions. I hate to tell them the adverse conditions are likely to persist until late March, so maybe we could go ahead and put on our ear muffs and get to work. My sister was kind enough to throw me a bone by letting me do some chores for her company. ( I did this for about 8 hours and started to understand why people use crack cocaine )

The Christmas Cards have all been stuffed and addressed. We have a James family high of 58 this year.....seems like I should know more than 58 people. But on the up side, it saves me money on stamps! I really wanted to take a good picture of Macy and make our own cards (like everyone else on the face of the planet does) , but I couldn't get her to pose to save my hide. I even tried bribery, but soon realized she already has everything.

The coming week has us preparing for Macy's Christmas program at church, which is Saturday at 6pm. She will be in the choir dressed as a sheep. Now I just need to figure out how to teach a 5 year old 7 songs in 6 days. Next weekend also brings us another round of rifle hunting for deer...seems how the sausage went over so well, we need some more meat!

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