Thursday, December 25, 2008

The most wonderful time....

Doesn't it just suck when you get old? I mean, I can remember Christmas as a kid. It was just kind of magical....the things everybody did as tradition, the food, the presents, the family. Now I know what my folks went through for me to have that magic. I'm not complaining really. I still like Christmas time, it's just definitely different.....and in a good way I guess. Now I just want Macy to have all that excitement, and I think this year we did a good job. It's not all about gifts. It's the whole package: cookies, candy, milk, snow, music, church, the tree. We got it right.

Santa dropped this down our chimney last night, among many other gifts. It's a complete blast watching a kid tear open gifts. I couldn't get that excited without medication. (that's my big toe in the bottom right corner)

We started our Christmas adventure yesterday with a trip to Grammy's in Chillicothe. The interstate was an ice speed about 35mph. Once we arrived we had a great brunch, gift exchange, and our traditional game of Christmas Trivia. We then loaded up and went to Grandpa's house in Ludlow. The candle light service at dads church was canceled due to weather so we entertained ourselves with food and presents.
After our morning here, we loaded up once more for Christmas with Nana and Papa at Blackburn. This included more food of course. We will wrap up festivities this Saturday with the Riddle Christmas in Topeka.
Happy Holidays everyone!

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