Monday, June 21, 2010

Have kids. Will camp.

Dad Camp version 4 is in the history books. Despite the diversity (think hurricane winds, rain and 90+ heat) it was a success. We had a total of five dads and ten kids and numerous thieving raccoons. We stayed at Watkins Mill State Park for the third year but did manage to change campsites this time. (We moved across the street) What can I say, we live life on the edge. I did have to run off some squatters when I arrived. They got a bit moody when I told them I'd reserved the sites two months prior. The woman started tossing tent polls and curse words but they did move....right into another reserved spot. The last time I saw them they had their fully erected tent strapped to the top of their mini van driving into the sunset. So, if you plan on camping at a state facility when there isn't snow on the ground, you should probably get a reservation.

And now, some pictures....

No, we didn't lose any children, a couple had to leave early.

Ace is a bit small for camping, so mom brought him by for a visit.

When your four foot tall that's a big fish. Honestly, she just likes to play with the worms. She's my girl.

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Phoenix said...

Congrats to your little girl on her fish! That's bigger than some of us have ever caught :)

Squatters bug me... people put in the time and energy to make a reservation and then others thoughtlessly come along with a huge tent full of self-entitlement. I hope they buzzed off.

I'm glad you had fun camping. I'm going with my family to Yosemite in September and I can't freaking.wait I'm so excited :)