Sunday, June 6, 2010

A bit of Aloha

So we've been back a little more than a week. I've decided two things: One, I never need to leave my kids for six days. Two, I never need to sit on a plane for 7 plus hours unless I'm in a first class seat...yet another example of why being tall isn't all the glory it's made out to be. Having said that, this vacation was definitely worth the ten years of marriage it took to get there. (that was a joke know you love me.) We had an unbelievable great time at one of the most beautiful places I've had the pleasure to visit. As soon as they move the islands a little closer to Kansas City International Airport, I'm heading back.

A beautiful wife on a beautiful beach. They seemed to be around every corner. The couple in the background had just gotten married. (not on the beach though...they just stopped the limo to snap a few pics.)
The happy couple at the top of our adventurous hike up Diamond Head. It's the volcano you see in the background of every Waikiki Beach picture. It was an amazing way to start a day.

This is the Byodo Temple at Valley of the Temples. While the temple itself is pretty stunning, the view around it is the icing on the cake.

Overlooking East Honolulu prior to our hike up Diamond Head.

Bargain shoppers paradise. This is the flee market at the Aloha Stadium parking lot. It pretty much takes up the entire parking area and you can buy anything short of nuclear arms here. It's like a huge garage sale.

Okay. I took a ton of pictures. And with digital cameras, why not? If you'd like to see some more pictures you can click here to go to my flickr page.

My next post will be Dawson's 1st bday. (The party ended a few hours ago) Who would have thought the kid that eats everything wouldn't like the cake? Go figure. I had planned a post on a bike event I went to yesterday but was to busy trying to stay hydrated in the 95 degree sun to snap any pics. I'll hook you guys up at the next one.

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