Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ace gets a cake

Our lil guy got to have his first birthday party! The whole family came over to celebrate with great food and gifts. I've come to the conclusion that the best thing to get anyone under two is an empty box wrapped in colorful paper. They'll play for hours with the trash they make and you'll save money! I may market the idea to Toys-R-Us.

The lil man got his very own cake to eat. He's just not too sure what all the fuss is about.

He's supposed to dig in with both hands and eat himself into a coma. Instead, he decided he didn't like icing on his hands. It was a hoot.

He did manage to do a little bit of damage. I'm putting him into training so next year we'll be ready. Cake beware!


Phoenix said...

Your little guy is the cutest! And empty boxes with wrapping paper are also good for cats. My theory on both pets and kids is: the less money you spend, the more they'll like it. The more money you spend: the more they ignore it.

Fact of life #4,312.

Hope you had a wonderful vacation!!

Vikster said...

It is a memory that will someday just have the best remark from him as after all, he is your son and no doubt have the same type personality you have dear son. lol. I can't wait and hope to live long enough to listen to his sattire.