Sunday, September 5, 2010

Soaking up Sunday

A short time back my wonderful sister informed me that my blog has been lacking in updates. I can't deny it...and even devoted a blog to the topic a few post back. So I've decided to attack September with a vengeance. This effort may fall on its face right out of the gate as my three day weekend will soon be over and life at full throttle will resume.

I left the doves alone this morning. I'm still a little punch drunk from them slapping me around yesterday. So today we loaded up and went to Backfire BBQ for lunch. I'm a bit of a biker fan, gear head, and foodie, so this place was begging for me to try it out. I kinda figured the food would be lacking because of all the attention put into decorating. Thankfully I was wrong...the food was great and the service too.

After lunch we headed up to dads to celebrate his 63rd birthday. The girls were more than willing to help grandpa open his gifts.

We grabbed some grub at a deli and headed to the park to enjoy some perfect picnic weather. (which turned out to be much better than the food I might add)

He earned every one of those gray hairs.....pretty sure I account for at least half.

And then we finished the evening off with some ice cream. A day well done.

And to keep the party going, tomorrow we'll be hosting my mother-in-law for her big 60. Next weekend will find us at Lake of the Ozarks for the annual James/Anderson family get together, which always proves to be a good time. Hopefully sis won't mind if I don't blog again until then....have a great week folks!


Nancy K. said...

I'm enjoying ALL of your photos and watching those two beautiful kids grow up through the web. prison, just public school in the burbs. And, you're right, due to all of the new "hoops" we have lost dozens of good substitutes this year.

Mary said...

You're right the weather was MUCH better than the food. I just remember us being so excited when he would take us to Hyvee for Sunday lunch...maybe it was because we weren't getting frozen burritos and our taste buds didn't know the difference.