Sunday, September 26, 2010

Biker Momma

There are two kinds of bikers. Those who have crashed, and those who are going to crash. My wife is now among the first group. While taking the Riders Edge course at Worth Harley Saturday morning she laid the bike down....on her foot. She told the instructor she thought she'd broken her ankle, and about an hour later the E.R. doctor confirmed it. So instead of a motorcycle license she's getting a cast.
I'm gonna be honest. I laughed a little bit. Since she works for Harley I know she's going to have a rough day tomorrow as her co-workers pile on the jokes. Besides that she's doing great. No surgery should be needed and she'll get the cast on in a few days. I just gotta keep her from crashing on the crutches.

My trooper


Nancy K. said...

Owie! I can't even imagine how she must be hurting. You treat her nice, David, or we'll come up there and put you in a world of hurt.

Dave said...

Nancy, she smacked me into submission years ago!

Phoenix said...

Um, your wife is a bad-ass. I wouldn't touch a Harley with a ten foot pole and a Hazmat suit for fear of killing myself (I can barely not injure myself with two feet.) I hope she gets better soon and is back on her bike in no time!

PS when I was little a horse stepped on my foot. I'm imagining it felt something like that.