Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beat down by the bird of peace.

It may still be summer but my official fall indicator arrived this past Wednesday...the opening of dove season. I personally think they should change it to dove day, for the sure fact that opening morning is about the only time you're going to remove a tasty morsel from the air. Our group didn't get out until this morning (Saturday) and five guys with around 400 shells fired exactly six times for zero dove. Complaints were few and far between as we enjoyed being in the great outdoors while the sun came up on a beautiful day.

Missouri has one of the nations best conservation departments... hands down. The men and women who manage our public lands do a great job, and the ones I've met are extremely helpful and passionate people. Now I could lie and say that Shane is just getting the inside scoop on some good dove hunting spots in the picture below....and actually it wouldn't be a total lie because the two agents pictured gave us a map and some good info and where we might have better luck. They also asked to check our guns and permits. That was all fine and good until Shane realized he was about nine months late updating his hunting permit. The rest of us had a few minutes to grab a water and laugh our butts off while he was receiving his ticket.
Macy welcomed us home and promptly wanted to know where the birds were. I hate admitting defeat to my kid but that's exactly what I did. She didn't seem all the disappointed after raiding the cooler for a gatorade though.

We may not have doves, but we've got good times aplenty.

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Mary said...

Thank goodness there's some color in that last kid.