Tuesday, February 2, 2010


No, this post isn't a rant about taxes. I married an accountant just so I wouldn't have to deal with it. Well, that and a few other reasons. Like the fact that she said yes when I asked. (This always helps the process along) Sometimes in late September I wish I'd married a baker. Apple pies...peach cobblers...but when February rolls around I'm patting myself on the back.

So why the title taxes, you ask? Because it's about the only thing going on in our house this week. The roll your dice for a refund has begun. I don't have the figure yet but I'm pretty happy with any amount that ends in me not paying Uncle Sam. Wish me luck. (Actually, wish Sam luck....my CPA is vicious!)

I don't know about the rest of you, but this guy is ready for some spring. (Those of you who live in places like NEW ZEALAND don't count!!) This is a total 180 from not so long back. My theory was you can only get so naked in the summer, but come winter you can pile on more clothes to keep warm. It sounds good in theory, but does nothing for the fact that a good sunshine filled day does wonders for your frame of mind. I don't think I'll turn into a snow bird anytime soon....just looking forward to some fishing, turkey hunting, and bike riding.

Hope everyone has a great week. And if you don't, more than likely you'll get another shot at it next week. Smile.


jamie said...

Yes! Thanks for the shout out Dave! And hang in there -- spring will be there before you now it. The tables will turn soon and you will be able to brag all you want about your toasty temps. In the meantime, I won't mention anything about spending last Saturday at the beach, or keeping my windows open day and night. Not a word. :)

Phoenix said...

Heh. I'm in tax mode as well... I used to work at a CPA and I'm a part-time bookkeeper, so make sure you get all the write-offs you deserve :)