Saturday, February 13, 2010

You know what big feet mean...

....big shoe's of course. And this can be a problem when needing things to put on ones feet. Like roller skates.

In my quest to be the most awesome of awesome dads I accepted my sisters invite to take the girls roller skating last night. I wasn't really sure there were any rinks still in operation. There are, and they look just like we left them in 1990. It was like stepping into a time machine. The clothing styles changed and the music was different, but other than that we were back in time.

Which gets me back to shoe sizes. Crystal had already declared that she would be on baby watching duty and had no intention of putting wheels on her feet. I suffer no loss of pride at falling down in front of complete strangers, so off to the shoe counter Macy and I went. They produced her size 13 kids skates without incident. (I'm pretty sure the skates pre-dated the both of us combined) The attendant then looked at me. I requested a size 15. She continued to look at me. Taking a hint I said I could probably slip into a pair of 14's. Blank stare. "We have a pair of 13's, but they go pretty early in the evening." 13! That's it! I wore a 13 nineteen years ago. They kindly told me I could walk around the rink with Macy, which I did. We had a good time....she only had one hard butt landing with a few tears. A hug and a "go get um" had her fixed up and back at it. Girls Rock!

Macy and Abigail......

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Phoenix said...

Girls DO rock...we are survivors, we. :) And how cool of you to accompany your daughter on the skating rink and be a good dad...we need more of those around here (and by here I mean the universe in general.)

Any time you want to put down that wine and send a get outta hell free card my way, please, by all means...but I'm gonna need more than one.

And I think for Valentine's Day you get single dads beer, isn't that right? ;)