Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This ain't Poe

I'm not a poet or even a writer,
Not much of a lover and a terrible fighter
But for the sake of my readers and fans
Here's what I've got...straight from the Man.

The past week was uneventful
Not much to be told
One day of warmness
Then more bitter cold

Off to work in the mornings
Back home for some food
Time with the family
Always brightens my mood

Went to church on Sunday
Put some money in the plate
With a wife, two kids
Ofcourse we were late

So now it is Tuesday
And still no big shocker
It's off to the store
To rent Hurt Locker.

Yeah...it's one of those days. Have a great week folks!


Phoenix said...

This post made me giggle, not because the poetry is bad (it's actually great - very clever!) but because I think it's hilarious that you used poetry to express your very low-key week, when poetry is usually something most people resort to in order to write about epic love, epic loss, wars, and talking ravens.

Well done, sir!

Barbara said...

No, not Poe at all, but still amusing. Good try.

Had to check out your blog because your comment on Phoenix's blog broke me up. I'm a foodie crossover, but I love to read all your blogs anyway. Don't have to be sweating over a hot stove all the time!

VJames said...

I used to write poetry a lot; grades were good in school for my poems; had one published and have the hard cover it is in when you find it someday here in my belongings. Wrote it at my lowest point in life...you will laugh I am sure with the poem though it was very deep feelings of loss.

I liked your poetry and would like to credit your ability from what you inherited from me but since I have never been given credit for anything you and Mary are or your abilities, why start now?