Monday, January 11, 2010

Lessons from Dad

I got to thinking about life lessons. I don’t really know why. It got stuck in my head, so here we are. I think I’ll just blame it on having kids. I sit around sometimes foreseeing the upcoming arguments and trials that I know are inevitable. I know this because we’ve all been through them. But we didn’t all handle them the same way or emerge from them with the same outcome.

From the time I started school until the time I finished I was reared by a single father. And, since my sister moved to my moms when I was 13, a lot of those years were in a womanless house. I did see my mom quite often and I had a grandmother right up the road who kept a watchful eye over me, but the house was man land. So when people tell me I’m just like my father, I say “duh”.

Lesson #1: Sarcasm is the highest form of flattery.

This roles off my tongue like a motto. A slogan. And, if you ask anyone of the opposite sex, it’s a complete load of bull. But I find it amusing none the less. And I’m sarcastic to no end. I should add that this lesson probably isn’t the most important dad taught me, but it is a lesson. I can have skin so thick that a rhino looks like a baby soaked in Jergens. Okay…that means I can be the butt of a joke and still find humor in it. Folks, this is an under appreciated quality. A little humor can take you places a bank can’t buy a ticket to. Every now and then stick your serious in your pocket and laugh till it hurts. Yes, you’ll probably give yourself wrinkles, but in the right places.

How many lessons did he give me? He’s still giving them. And mainly they’re still unsolicited. But ten years from now they’ll be just as useful.


Phoenix said...

Well, you DEFINITELY need a sense of humor when you have kids, I'm sure of it.

Humor is one of life's best coping mechanisms. If you can't laugh, you cry...and the world doesn't need more grief in it, that's for sure.

Sarcasm, as long as it's mostly kind, and humor are invaluable. Best tools you can arm yourself with when facing life.

Dave said...

In that case, I'm packing the Home Depot of life tools!

VJames said...

Being your mother, I must tell you that long before you moved to your father's you already had that "attitude". lol. It is a "gene" identity and it definitely didn't come from my side of the family. Just thought it was worth letting you know; also the tantrums of standing in one place and stomping your feet...might want to get prepared for Dawson to do same???? lol...just remember I would have you go to your room and hit a pillow till your frustration passed. Beating on a child accomplishes nothing.