Friday, August 7, 2009

Where's a dull moment....

....when you need one?
This story is extremely me....because I wasn't involved in the ending. My dad, sis, myself, and our respective spouses own a boat together. This is a good thing because it divides up expenses, which in the case of our boat, are constant. These pics are from last weekend, the first time this summer we've had the ole beast on the water. Honey (David Bradshaw. And, yes, he's called Honey by family) and I took the boat spoonbill fishing this past March. We'd just spent $200 getting the pontoons welded on. The motor lasted a day....then broke down.
$600 and four months later we're on Smithville Lake enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon when I realize the registration expired while the boat was in the shop. We drag Honey and the kids outta the water and hightail it for the boat ramp before the water patrol locates us.

When I get to the truck I look back and this is what I see...

....said water patrol parked next to our glorified barge. Mr. High Speed Boat then has "Captain Dave" board his vessel...I know this can't be good. For one thing, that leaves only my sister and niece aboard our boat....neither of which has piloted the damn thing before!

I watch in amusement as the wind sails our boat toward the rocks. But this soon turns to horror when I realize we have no insurance......(you probably think I should be worried about the boats occupants, but I'm married to an accountant, so I'm worried about the money).

In a move of shear heroics, Mary jumps behind the wheel and steers to safety!

Luckily for me we received only a warning for the past due registration. This would have amounted to a $100 fine. Unfortunately for David and Mary, their daughter had removed her life vest to wrap in a towel because she was cold. We were preparing to exit the water so this was no big deal......except that it cost you $127 to have a child under 7 in your boat without a life vest!! HA HA HA!!!! Okay, I have a sick sense of humor.......can't wait to go out again. That is, if the boat starts.....

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VJames said...

this was so worth the read!!!!
Locking car keys in vehicles and now this....both very expensive.....might give the registration duties to the accountant? lol