Monday, August 17, 2009

My Weekend

For those of you who don't enjoy three day weekends...accept my pity, and I'll accept your envy. We had some friends from Church over Friday night for dinner, which was great, except I blew my diet. But I'm starting to think that's what diets are for.

We got to watch my niece Abigail all weekend. She's the same age as Macy and they play together it actually felt like there were less kids in the house than more. Weird.

A Crystal sandwich.

After a trip to the nail salon.


6'-7" 325 lbs. Check back in 20 years and see if I'm right.

Have a great week.


VJames said...

I could have the 6'7" but oh Lord, please don't let my grandson weigh 325 lbs...........that is way way too much weight........teach him how to eat healthy now so that he doesn't eat horribly and oh my be King Kong as an adult!!! Think of him beating up on poor Macy!!! :~( Daddy David would appear small.......

Dave said...

Can't really teach him to eat right just yet....