Sunday, August 9, 2009

PVC Pipe Vineyard

This is what happens when two tightwads see a cool concept online, but don't wanna spend the money. This is a all-in-one brewing tank for beer or wine. It allows sediment to be removed without siphoning. The sleek online version runs about $180.....el cheapo put this one together for $30. I'll let you know how in turns out in a few months!


jamie said...

Nice work, el cheapo! It doesn't have to be expensive to taste good!

VJames said...

Do you make any semi-sweet wine? I opened the bottle you gave me, think you said Shane made it and wow it was a very dry wine....taking it to Cathy this weekend as she loves dry wines......would love to try a sweet or semi-sweet wine if you make any of those.......I think your set up is uh original should we say?
If it works, that is all that are always go guys!

Phoenix said...

a) can't wait to see how this turns out,

b) your comment is too true -- strong men don't get caught at very much at all! lol