Friday, June 12, 2009


No, that's not Harrison Ford in a white beard. "Grandfather" Carl with the James family namesake.

Grammy with Dawson.

I called my sis at 4am and told her Dawson would be arriving later that morning but to sleep a few more hours. She threw my suggestions out the window and came straight over. Here she is with big sister Macy and lil D soon after delivery.

Tony with 3 month old Turner and myself with 2 day old Dawson. He also has a daughter, Tori, who is about a year and a half younger than Macy.

Everything has been going good. Sleep comes in 2-3 hour intervals, but that's a temporary pleasure. Macy is adjusting well, considering she's been an only child for 5 and a half years. (and spoiled at that!) We've had numerous visitors and well wishes.....and lots of delivered food.

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