Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dawson (Ace) William James

As is usually the case in life, nothing goes according to plan. This is probably compounded when you try to plan acts that are completely out of your control. But hey! Less is more and it's all good!
Crystal was scheduled to be induced June 10. (That's today) Instead, our little diaper fund decided to show up Monday morning. This was, of course, fine with us. He arrived in superb condition and looking almost identical to his big sister Macy when she was born. ( granted they have different plumbing )
I'm not going to assume that I know diddly squat about labor pain, but he seemed to take it pretty easy on mom and she is doing good. As good as can be expected when your sleep comes in two hour intervals anyway. We arrived home this afternoon and Macy got to hang out with him a bit before bed.....they don't hate each other yet so I'm taking that as a good sign. We've had lots of well wishes, cute and handy gifts, and are thankful for everything.

Here is a quick pick of mom and baby before I sneak in some sleep. I'll be back soon with more pics and a story or two.

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jamie said...

Wow, Mom looks fantastic! Like it was no big deal. Well done!