Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baths and Horses

The days are passing without much event. This is probably a good thing. I was back to work last week and Macy was in school, so Crystal had baby D at home alone. She's taking 8 weeks maternity leave, two of which are now gone. But she'll get to take Macy to VBS and swim lessons in July, and their both looking forward to that.

Dawson got his first bath last weekend, and as the picture shows, he didn't exactly enjoy it. He's had a couple more since, but I wasn't around with the camera.

Macy was invited to a birthday party yesterday at a horse stable. The kids lined up to take rides around the arena....needless to say she had a blast. It's not every day a girl gets to ride a horse in her flip flops.

That's been about it for the past week. I did pass my drivers portion of the motorcycle test Friday, so I'm legal as can be. We're off to our first morning of church with Dawson. Hopefully he reacts well to large crowds!

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