Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Smokin something good

This past Saturday we had some family over to celebrate my moms birthday. The only thing better than having family at the house is cooking for them, so I was up before the sun building a fire in the smoker. Unfortunately Cris came down with a stomach bug and spent the day in bed. :(
The rest of us dined on hand made salad, ribs, potatoes, and a delicious desert my sister prepared. I just realized we didn't have a cake or sing happy birthday, but mom didn't seem to mind. She left our house and headed to sunny Florida for several weeks....who needs cake when you've got that?


Phoenix said...

Dude, forget Florida, who needs cake when you've got ribs that look THAT amazing?

You are making me drool all over my keyboard, and I'm not eating lunch for another hour, darn it! lol

Dave said...

Sorry bout that! If you and Benny ever come by to fish I'll cook you up some bbq.

Dave said...
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