Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Girl

I could probably post twice a day about my kids because kids are just amazing. There's no end to the things they re-teach us. But I don't want to be the parent who flips out the pictures every time you see them. (You know the ones)
It's just lately I find myself worried that I'm not dedicating enough time with my daughter. A two year old running around needing constant supervision makes it easy to forget there's an eight year old in the next room who needs that attention just as much. Although she seems to enjoy her time alone....what's up with that!?
So, in the name of quality time and school work, Macy and I collaborated recently on a poster board book report. It was great, and I'm glad to report I have more patience than the average second grader. (She really didn't like waiting for glue to dry)
Also, tonight,  she got to be a butterfly and sing a duet at her class music program. She did fantastic.
So...Macy, if you're reading this in 40 years and you think I passed up too much time with you, be sure and stick me in a lousy care home with hairy overweight orderlies.  I love you girl.

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Phoenix said...

She's adorable! And some people never grow out of being too impatient for the glue to dry (ahem. I'm working on it.)

2 year olds do take up a lot of time and energy. I'm sure she understands, and I'm betting you're a better dad than you realize :)