Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stir Crazy

I'm not used to being inside. I don't live in the jungle mind you. I'm Mr. Suburbia now. (not entirely by choice, but you do what you gotta do) I just don't reside inside much. I'm an outside kinda person. So being pretty much stuck in my house these past four days waiting for the dizziness to pass (it hasn't yet) is starting to drive me a bit mad.

I've come to the conclusion that no matter how many channels a man has on his TV, when he's truly bored he'll find nothing to watch. The irony is dangerously thick! I have managed to self educate myself on various interesting topics via the net, but as mentioned above, I need some air.

I'm saving the actual surgery pictures for people who are into that kinda stuff. I'm myself am not, and sometimes wonder why the doc's give you those things to begin with. If I needed to see it they shouldn't have knocked me out prior. Here is my current condition. All the goodies go in and they tape me back up. As far as surgeries go it's pretty straight forward. I'm just having some temporary balance issues that should soon be gone.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes! And take a second (or two) and click the follow button on the right side of the column. You silent stalkers scare me a bit! You'll notice poor Phoenix is sitting there rather lonely. You should check out her blog, a very enjoyable read, and the others listed as well. Enjoy!


Phoenix said...

Hey, thanks for the blog love! And you're right, I am lonely...we need to get you some more followers because your blog is insanely excellent.

Sorry to hear about the dizziness... I'm guessing in my genius wisdom this is directly correlated to your ear surgery. I'm an outdoors kind of girl as well so I understand the stir-craziness...this is why I hate getting sick, because I think if someone showed me my own personal hell it would be a bed and me stuck in it with nothing to do for the rest of eternity.

Hope the healing goes well and that you're back on your feet in no time. :)

Phoenix said...

Awww....just read your comment on my blog and I'm ::blushing::. Thanks, Dave. You're the coolest :)