Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meat Men

I'm a little behind posting on hunting season. That's just the way life's coming at me right now. So...better never late but better late than never.
Four of us venture to my grannies (and yes, we really call her granny) farm in north central Missouri every year to pursue deer, turkey, the occasional coyote, some good conversation, and good food. While we do like to fill our tags it's more about getting together. For those of you who haven't enjoyed venison - it's delicious. And for those who don't get in the woods - it's life changing.

Here is your author returning from a morning bowhunt empty handed. This is how he returns from every bowhunt, but you'll notice he's still smiling.

This is my friend, neighbor, co-worker Shane who sat frozen in a deer stand with me one morning not too long back trying to get some sausage and jerky meat. Neither of us did but he made a nice shot on Wiley Coyote.

This is Little Tony. He's not all that little, we just know a bigger Tony so he's stuck with the name. He makes a mean brat....and also supplies the generator for camp. Needless to say he gets invited back every year.

Camp is not the Hilton. It's not even the Motel 6. If either was located nearby we would probably book a reservation. The camper on the left is now vacated due to its' state of disrepair. The right camper is occupied by Tony and my bro-in-law Little Dave. (yeah, he got stuck with the moniker too) And that grain holding structure is actually our cook shack. It works quite nicely.

Shane's father owns the trailer in the foreground and was nice enough to let us borrow it for our sleeping quarters this year. Now Shane gets invited back too.

I just realized I don't have a picture of the other David from this year. Well he is my brother in law, so forgetting him is probably allowed. You can see him at my post on our spring fishing trip here.

Things are getting back to normal for me. Got my balance back, if not my boyish good looks. I go Tuesday for the initial turn on, then back several more times to get programed. With six Christmas' on the books this year I don't know when I'll be posting again so.....Merry Christmas guys and girls! (Happy New Year too)


Phoenix said...

I won't say I'm much of a hunter but I gotta respect a guy who goes out into the woods with a bow and arrow. Bad-ass, Dave.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas (all six of 'em!) and have a fantastic New Year :)

Angie Muresan said...

My husband goes hunting. Comes back and makes the best venison sausage, which we have on Christmas Eve with garlic mashed potatoes and thick homemade bread.