Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lost Dog..i mean blog.

Wow...I kinda skipped out on July's blog writing. If this thing was a dog it would have starved or ran away by now. PETA would be camped out on my front lawn feeding the crickets. Micheal Vick would call me a bad example....

So summer got busy. In good ways all around. We've had some great times with various family members in the last month, and more on the way in the next few months ahead. Macy is still losing teeth and Ace still isn't walking. Crystal is currently in Milwaukee with work and I got a promotion. Whew! And last time I wrote I thought it was hot....well, it is now HOT! (I'm kind of a cold weather person)

I'm 9 days away from my first class reunion, which I'm helping to put together. I graduated in '96 so we're running a few years late. It's been a bit stressful because of the sheer size of our class. One of the biggest in school history....all 26 of us. :) I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. Well, not everyone, but 75% or so. Some are globe trotting. Some are state hopping. And some are in prison. The rest of us are eating burgers and potato salad at noon on the 21st.

Macy starts school in a week. First grade! I'm gonna be hosting sleepovers before I know it. And not long after that I'll be putting the fear of God into some young soul who makes the mistake of thinking he likes my girl. ( I can hardly wait!)

I'm way behind on posting and even further behind on pics, but right now I've got kids to put to bed and laundry to put in the dryer.....I'm so glad this isn't a dog.

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Phoenix said...

Maybe while you're on the phone with Michael Vick you can give him some tips on how to play football. Just sayin'. :)

Congrats on the promotion! And the losing of the much do tooth fairies pay these days?

Class of 26?! Seriously?! My class was about 400...I guess that's LA for you.

When your daughter turns 16 I will send you a lovely shotgun via certified mail that you may certainly use to put the fear of God into all those 16 year old boys. You can also have my escrima sticks too, which are slightly less intimidating until you actually use them on someone.

Life is for living, not blogging. :) Glad you've been so busy!