Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All Snagged Up...2010

This past weekend was my annual voyage to Warsaw for spoonbill. I'm a bit of a legend at the lake for my lack of ability in catching any. So I wanted to start the post with this's not spoonbill, but catfish is fish and I caught it. Actually I caught several. Not that this will dim my legend any at all.

This is my buddy Joey. He yanked in this 8 pounder and put us all to shame. Beginners luck.

Here's the whole crew with our two hour take. A fish fry in the making.

Of course, we never get the boat out without having some sort of breakdown. This years winner was a faulty bearing cover. Nothing a four by four post couldn't fix.

...waiting for the fish to jump in the boat.

The mornings were a bit chilly but the view made it worth while.

Ray stayed up late playing Texas hold'em. Needless to say he wasn't catching any fish.
Jeremy proudly displays his catch.

We once again made camp at the Old Oar House Inn. Going to the lake and not at least stopping here would be like going to Disney World and not seeing Mickey.

Fish or no fish we had a good weekend. We're booked for next year, our 12th, and I'm looking forward to it already.


Phoenix said...

Okay, so here's a confession: I've never been fishing. Not once. So I'm dying to go one of these days and just see what it's like. I can imagine it to either be relaxing or like a really fun houseboat party or utterly boring, all depending on which people you go with :)

Lovely shots, and congrats on the catfish, at the very least. (Maybe the spoonbill know who you are?)

Vikster said...

Great comment from Phoenix, about the spoonbill. Personally, I love catfish; however I doubt if this mother will ever taste any of them but oh bet they will be fantastic.
So great you had another awesome trip...thanks for the post and the pics. Always look forward to them.