Friday, March 12, 2010

Life on the Highway

No, I didn't take a job as a traveling salesman. Or join the circus. I did however get my new scooter, so I've been trying to get some miles on it over the past two weeks...which is why I haven't been here. I've managed a meager 497 miles. But considering some of those were at below freezing temps and 20 or so were in the rain, I think I did pretty good. Due to my sister stealing my camera ( don't deny it!! you're not fooling me with that "you left it at my house" speech!) pics are still to come.

All is well here. We keep getting spring teasers. I don't know whether to tip or storm out. I'm ready to dust off the mower and slip on a tan.....but you know what they say about a watched pot.Macy is starting piano lessons in the morning. This on top of two dance classes and the cherub choir at church. I want her active and involved in things, but then I worry about over doing it. So I'm just thinking we'll try a bunch of stuff and see if she likes any of it. I never claimed to have a master plan. But hey!, if you don't have a plan "A" you never have to worry about plan "B"! I'm a sharp one.

Ace is now an expert at crawling, and is getting into everything I tell him not to. When he learns to count I'm going to tell him not to pick the winning lottery numbers. I should be a millionaire in about three years. You heard it here first.

Crystal is still working for The Motor Company and I'm loving it. Okay, you're thinking it shouldn't matter if I like should matter if she does because it's her job? It most cases you would be correct. Except I'm a bit of a bike nut. And she has to live with me. So me being happy here helps to make her happy! Yeah, that's a bit twisted. Luckily she really does like her job. She's also setting up our trip to Oahu, which she just informed me is ten weeks away. I can already smell the coconut oil and tequila.

So in the morning I'll be making beer at the early hour of 8a.m. . I don't plan on drinking that early so don't stereotype me yet. We do sausage, jerky, wine, beer....and if we could just find some cheese molds...


Phoenix said...

Beer at 8 am, eh? Consider yourself totally stereotyped.

No, no, no...I kid. I'm jealous that you get to bounce off to Hawaii in a few weeks, though...and having your child have piano lessons in the MORNING? You brave, brave man.

Two friends of mine who are parents have a good theory when it comes to hobbies - the child can quit anything after a year, but she or he has to stick to it for that long. That way they don't have the child wanting soccer/football/gymnastics/tuba lessons all in one month, then up and quitting everything.

Steal your sister's mail until she gives you your camera back. Works like a charm.

Vikster said...

First of all, when you make your maiden voyage to Hawaii, spend your time actually using your eyes to see the sights, not taking pictures as the memories will forever be implanted in your minds. Spectacular! And if it is raining, forget the catamaran though it is nonrefundable as it is not worth sea sickness..and you will get sea sick.
Now about Macy doing this and that? Good for you! Just be sure to show interest while there and at home too. A child needs to know the parents share interest with what they do regardless of what it is they are about. And if they want to quit, let them, who cares how long, each child is their own individual...God made us each unique! When your sister said she didn't want to go to gymnastics anymore as we drove up to go to them, I asked her if she was sure and she said yes she was sure. She was 5 yrs. old...and yes, she no longer wanted to go. We drove 15 miles and I think in that amount of time, she knew if she wanted to go anymore, don't you? lol. You and I and Mary LeAnn, we always went and watched her. She just lost interest.
On the other hand, when I was older than that in school taking piano lessons, neither of my parents showed an interest and therefore I lost interest as I didnt have anyone encouraging me. I really wanted to learn piano, I just needed a push. So encourage, take interest, push...not hard. lol. Macy was really excited to show me her keyboard...but if she loses interest...toss it.
We are each very special people.
Like Abigail told me last night that she wasn't getting something in school like :everyone: else was..she hung her head. I jumped right on that one! I told her that she is a very special individual made by God and we each have our own special ways of learning..we are not all the same! She brought that head right back up boy, and smiled! Bless her heart. We compare our children on too much the same level in schools when they are each individuals....teach them and treat them as such....