Friday, October 16, 2009

Hide the scissors

I'll admit right out of the gate that this is my fault. I've been saying the boy needs a haircut for the past 3 months. BUT, what never came out of my mouth was "Honey, could you please personally cut his hair". Never. Did not say it. Did not think it. Does not happened.
For his 4 month b-day Ace got chopped. My wife had the best of intentions, her mother is a beautician, but she didn't get the hair cut gene.

I think his face says it all. And yes, his side burns are above his ears.

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Phoenix said...

LOL this is the only age where a kid can rock a bad haircut and still look adorable...just don't let her give him a bowl cut when he's twelve.

I went to a gaming store and some 11 year old had a Prince Caspian cut (think mullet and bowl cut mixed into one. It's the exact haircut from the bad Prince in Shrek.)

I wanted to punch his parents for him.

Also - I DID cook that boy some food. I just, uh, screwed it up a he's back to cooking.

I didn't do it on purpose!! I swear!