Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Check. Up.

Macy can now officially swim across the pool. Considering how much she likes the water, I find this very comforting. But I'm still not sure which she likes best: swimming or just wearing a swim suit.

Dawson is gaining weight at the rate of a baby elephant. He's averaging about a pound a week....which means he'll out grow me around age 2. Needless to say, he's a healthy eater. Sunday the 26th he will be "baptised" at our church, and we're looking forward to that.

We have a trip to the Omaha Zoo and at least one excursion to St. Louis planned for the remainder of summer, so hopefully some good blogs to come. And we finally got our trusty old pontoon out of the out lake, here we come!


VJames said...

Oh Dawson is changing so fast!!! I can't wait to see him next weekend! He still needs that first visit to his Grammy's house you know, uh before he is your size. lol.
And as you are making your trip plans before the end of summer, remember I asked for a family outing with all of us? Think you can arrange that? Time is passing this ole Grammy by son....Hugs, and thanks for the upload so I could see Dawson, and Macy too. So cute1

Phoenix said...

adorable kids...and I'm learning how to swim this year too! And I'm an adult, eek...