Friday, April 10, 2009

Oar what?

I would probably post here more often, except for lack of pictures. It just seems you can't have a blog posting without a picture. Enter my friend Joey to save the day. He stopped by the other night to deliver my oar. Okay...that sounds a bit odd, but the dude carved up a custom oar for our fishing trip this year. We stay at "The Old Oar House", which is decorated with engraved oars that people donate to mark a special occasion. This year was special for me because it marked the 10th year I've been down to Warsaw to hunt the wild spoonbill.

An oldie but a goodie....if you get the chance to check it out, check it out.

He does his carving free hand with a's amazing stuff. If you ever need a sign made out of wood this is the guy you need to see.

Something about sitting on a Harley that makes you want one. He's getting married pretty soon so I bet it'll have to wait. (start begging now buddy)

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